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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Handel Mozart Hayden....Yes..that's somebody's name

I'm working on a very long term in-depth book project that leads me down interesting rabbit holes.  This one is fascinating!  I ran across a branch of the Hayden family of early Windsor, CT that has an interesting name in the family.  The name caught my eye, as a classical musician, so I dug deeper.

Dr. Handel Mozart Hayden (Dentist) born 4 Dec 1807 in Baltimore, MD was the son of Dr. Horace Henry Hayden, pictured above(born in Windsor, CT) who was the co-founder of the first dental school in the world (Baltimore College of Dental Surgery), and Maria Antoinette Robinson of Dover, DE.  Handel and his father Horace had a surgeon dental business, H. Hayden and Son, at SE corner of Mulberry and Charles Streets in Baltimore City (listed as such in the Baltimore city directories 1835-38).  Dr. Handel M. Hayden continues to be listed in the city directories at various addresses in Baltimore up through 1881.  Handel died 7 Mar 1891 in Baltimore.

I have visions of people in the dental office of H. Hayden and Son being distracted (I'm sure the noise of primitive dentistry was pretty ghastly)by the music of Haydn, Mozart, and Handel.  I'm sure the son heard many a joke at his own expense.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

Dr. Handel Mozart Hayden was a dentist during the Civil War in Baltimore which must have been a trying experience considering the mangled bodies he must have seen.

His father, Dr. Horace Hayden, influenced to study dentistry by George Washington's dentist, John Greenwood with whom he studied with in 1795 in NYC, served as a surgeon in Baltimore in the War of 1812 and later publishing the first work on geology, Geological Essays, printed in the US.  He was an authority on geology and mineralogy.  Damn!

AND, there is another Handel Mozart Hayden of Randolph, Vermont from the same early Windsor, Hayden family.

Ok....back to work!!

Horace Henry Hayden picture

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

You just can't look away!

Ancestry.com is on a marketing binge!  Their new app "We're Related" has been out for a while now. At first I just laughed as some of the ludicrous leaps that were made to show how I was related to celebrities of all shapes and sizes.  Most, up until recently, I could discount right away as they are plugging in mother connections for several generations that just don't vibe.  I just could not find proof of any connection.  Not a good marketing tool for Ancestry credibility.  But, I tried to look through the muck and see if anything vibed.

When they started to get a bit closer in cousin connections I started to do some investigating.  Right here and now I'll say I'm not too happy😞.  Ok...I was happy with Elvis, Jimmy Carter, James Dean, Brad Pitt, and Kate Blanchett, all of whom seem to line up with my research, yet distant relations.

I grew up in the south so I prepared myself, somewhat, for what surprise "ding" I would get.  There it was.....Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter.  Crap!  That just cannot be.  Then, I reminded myself that ideology is not necessarily inherited or passed down😩.  My immediate family, for the most part, were conservative republicans, except for Pappa, my step great grandfather.  Somehow, even though I was raised by my grandparents, I ended up mostly a radical, liberal, socialist, etc... I hate labels, so if you must...pick one.  My bio mom was progressive to say the least, which gave her mother great consternation.  I'm still grappling with her extreme IQ and mental illness and just how wrong her life has been treated.  I digress....

So, Newtie isn't Newt.  Turns out he changed his name and he's possibly my 6th cousin, 2xs removed on my mother's father's German side.😮  One of my projects, that I need to jump into more now, is on a Civil War Union soldier from PA, my 2nd great grandfather, and his wife who was a nurse in the Civil War in PA.  My connection to Newt is through this nurse's mother, Sarah Follmer.  Her great grand father Hans Michael Follmer/Vollmar married Ragina Magdalena (last name unknown) my 7th great grandmother.  Magdalena was used often in German heritage.
Ragina/Regina was born 18 Jun 1730 in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA and died 18 Aug 1813 in Milton, Northumberland Co., PA.
Regina Magdalena Follmer

Ragina/Regina and Hans Michael Follmer had Elizabeth Follmer (Newt's supposed 4th great grandmother) and Adam Follmer (my 6th great grandfather, thus 2xs removed).  Elizabeth and Adam were brother and sister.

Now, Newt's real name is Newton5 (Newton Searles4, Clarence Newton3, James Silverwood2, William1) McPherson.  From there his connection to me is through William McPherson's maternal line.  

Ann Coulter is my direct 5th cousin.  Deep breath....runs out of room screaming😖😒😱
My maternal grandmother's, who raised me as her own child, paternal grandmother was Amanda Nance.

Ann Coulter's mother was Nell Husbands Martin.  Her mother was Nell Warner, who's mother was Nellie Nance, and our mutual Nance line begins.  

Nellie Nance was the daughter of Joseph Monroe Nance who's father was Clement Nance.  
Clement was the brother of Daniel Nance, my 3rd great grandfather.  Making Ann Coulter and I direct 5th cousins.  I need a drink....

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Cousin Elvis is NOT a Presley!

So, my 7th cousin, Elvis is not a Presley!  WHAT???

It turns out that Elvis may have two Native American lines in his genealogy.  One is also my Tapp/Taptico line from the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia, see my previous post on this line:  DNA detective work and Advantages of knowing your past

Here's why Elvis is not really a Presley, but a Wallace!

Elvis Aaron Presley born 8 Jan 1935 and died 16 Aug 1977 in Tupelo, Lee County, MS.
Father:  Vernon Elvis Presley born 10 Apr 1916 and died 26 Jun 1979 in Fulton, MS.
Grandfather:  Jessie D. McDowell Presley born 9 Apr 1896 and died 19 Apr 1973.

Here's where the family tree diverges **Great Grandfather:  John Henry Wallace born about Aug 1853 and died about Nov 1935 in Itawamba County, MS, had several children with Rosella Elizabeth Presley born 16 Feb 1861 and died 30 Jul 1924 in Fulton County, MS.  The details of why these children took on the name of their mother is unclear and can be left for another bit of detail work later.

John Henry Wallace's mother, Elvis' great, great grandmother was Lydia Gideon.  The marriage of Lydia Gideon and Hugh Henry Berry Wallace was 6 Oct 1852 in Itawamba, MS.

Lydia's mother was Elizabeth Tapp Gideon, Elvis' 3rd great grandmother (married John Gideon) born about 1794 and died about 1850.  *This connection will involve more research on my part to find definitive proof, but the circumstantial evidence is compelling.

Elizabeth Tapp Gideon was the daughter of Moses Tapp, Elvis' 4th great grandfather, born about 1758 in Culpepper, VA and died about 1825 in Spartanburg, SC.

Moses Tapp was the son of Vincent Tapp (part of the DNA tested direct Taptico line), Elvis' 5th great grandfather, and Mary "Molly" Jett.

Vincent Tapp, the brother of my 5th great grandfather William Tapp IV, was the son of William Tapp III, Elvis and my 6th great grandfather!

William Tapp III was the son of the last Wicocomico Tribal chief, William Taptico II, named changed to Tapp on his will (well documented and now in history books, see previous post connections above).

This line is through my father's lineage.  "Thank you!  Thank you very much!"

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Serendipity

It's Halloween time!  I've been seeing references to one of my all time favorite actors and human beings, Vincent Price!  I grew up, albeit, with a not so normal obsession with old horror movies and Edgar Allan Poe. Specifically anything Vincent Price did. He also had a love for Poe. So, like I always do, I decided to look up Mr. Price's family tree.

Vincent Leonard Price, Jr is the direct descendant of Rebecca Nurse of Salem, one of the women accused of witchcraft who lost her life to the hysteria of the time.  Rebecca Towne Nurse was Vincent's 7th great grandmother!  I wonder if he actually knew that!  This is through his grandfather Vincent Clarence Price, who was the inventor of Dr. Price's Baking Powder, wife's line, Harriet Elizabeth White.

Here's the line:  Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., Vincent Leonard Price, Sr., Vincent Clarence Price who married Harriet Elizabeth White
Harriet Elizabeth White, daughter of Russell Jesse White, Aaron White, Jr. who married Mary Bigelow
Mary Bigelow, daughter of Thomas Bigelow, Jedidiah Bigelow who married Thomasine Nurse
Thomasine Nurse, daughter of Benjamin Nurse, Jr., Benjamin Nurse, Sr. who's father Francis Nurse married Rebecca Towne (Rebecca Nurse accused Salem witch, 71 years of age, hanged on July 19, 1692).  Rebecca was a central character in Arthur Miller's Crucible.

I have to believe Vincent Price didn't know of this, but of course, I can't be sure.  Oh, how serendipitous!

"The Sheriff brought the witch up the broad aisle, her chains clanking as she stepped." illustration of Rebecca Nurse by Freeland A. Carter published in "The Witch of Salem, or Credulity Run Mad" by John R. Musick circa 1893.
“The Sheriff brought the witch up the broad aisle, her chains clanking as she stepped.” illustration of Rebecca Nurse by Freeland A. Carter published in “The Witch of Salem, or Credulity Run Mad” by John R. Musick circa 1893.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

19th Annual Conference

Very excited to be attending next weekend's annual conference by the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DNA Heritage Mapping

While I immerse myself in the DNA genealogy study, serendipity strikes really hard.  I've been delving into heritage percentages and have found surprising results in a few areas, not surprising in others.  Once and only once, for a week, I traveled to Spain.  To this day I haven't left, in my mind and spirit.  That sounds weird, I know.  But, two strange things have happened in my life to scar me and touch my soul deeply.  They came very unexpectedly.

First, was my trip to Spain in 1996, I believe.  Dates, in my own life, sometimes evade me.  Dead people, no problem!  Spain moved me in ways that I still am trying to understand.  It was easy to write the experience off to an American leaving their country for the first time.  That should have explained a lot.  But...it was much deeper I would find.

My time in Spain and Portugal was spent exploring.  I have visited Santiago de Compostela and Fatima, two of the major holy places in the world.  While these holy places were great, my experiences in both Spain and Portugal hold spiritual experiences I'm still trying to understand.
We'll stick to the ones in Spain, for now.

Spain did something to me.  What, I still don't quite understand, but I believe DNA may be a large part of that.  I could not explain why I, who could not speak a word of Spanish, besides perfunctory greetings, could communicate so well non-verbally with Spanish people.  Not just that, but people were drawn to me for some odd reason.  A feeling of these people being my relatives surged through my veins.  It was odd!!  Part of me was very freaked out, the other part was amazingly calm.  If you know me, calm is not a place I visit often, so it's a big deal.

Fast forward to DNA testing.  Once I became a better student of DNA findings I delved deeply into where all of my heritage could be broken down.  Yep....a large swath, from far back, was all over Spain.  All practically equally divided between Cataluna, Castilla y Leon, and Galicia.  Galicia was were I visited and felt like I should have never left.  Weird...huh?

The hard part is finding out who in my tree this comes from, even if that will be possible.  Some surprises, some not.  Here's my surprises:  1. Orkney Islands, off of Northern Scotland
2. Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish

The rest makes sense, I know where my French comes from, my Irish, my west Scottish, my German, Austrian, English, even the Native American.

I would suspect my Spain connection is through my early Virginia Chesapeake tribe that was documented as being different in complexion and culture than other natives encountered in other regions by the English.

The other experience is one I don't share because it's so text book "spiritual sighting", like seeing Jesus in my potato chip.  In Lisbon, Portugal I was fortunate enough to take a monastery bus tour.  This was stunning beyond words to be in cathedrals build in the 13th through 16th centuries, the tombs of Kings and Queens everywhere.

There was one, I believe it was the very famous Jeronimos Monastery and church, in Belem, yet pictures on-line do not reveal my memory.  It could have been the church in the Alcobaca Monastery, I just cannot be sure.  In this cathedral, after viewing famous tombs with the tour guide, I decided to go off on my own.  I approached the area close to the altar and was drawn to my right.  It was a bit dark, but I looked up and there was a huge statue in between others of a woman that must have been Mary.  I looked into her big dark eyes and felt a serge through my body of massive grief like I have never felt before or after.  I saw tears in her eyes and I sensed a deep sorrow for humanity.  Time seemed to stand still and I had to force myself to look away or my heart would explode.  I literally ran to the people on the tour with me and said, "Please, can you come with me and look at something?".  She was a dead statue with different eyes and "nothing" when I returned.  "Do you see anything?" I asked.  "Like what?" is what I heard and they walked away.  I must have lost my mind, I thought.  To this day I look at every picture I can find on-line of that cathedral and find no pictures of this massive statue.  There was also an eye above the altar in the ceiling.  I can't find that either.  Was it Jeronimos or another monastery?

This area of Lisbon dates back to the "Discoveries".  The time was exploratory travels to other worlds.  The picture above is the monument to the discoveries in Lisbon.  I went to the top and looked down on this map, which was quite extraordinary.  Many of the landings in Native "America" are what blended Spanish, Portuguese, and even Dutch into the blood of the Native population all along the sea coast from Canada to the tip of South America and the Islands.  Is this a purely spiritual connection or does this course through my DNA?

All of this, for me, just proves how deep my feelings of emotional connection.  I've not always been comfortable with my extreme sensitivity and have lamented on being somehow cursed.  It's scary and uncomfortable, or at least, was more so in the past.  I'm starting to let it be a part of me and not hide it or be embarrassed by it.  It's not easy!  I like things in a neat, explainable box, but these were not the cards I was dealt.
This journey has been a fascinating roller coaster that I am beginning to love more and more.

How about you?  What fears keep you from sharing your experiences?