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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Dead Files

Recently, I was hired to do some time sensitive research for the Travel Channel program "The Dead Files".  While I can't discuss the details until after the program airs, sometime in December or January, it was a thrilling chase!  Unfortunately, I was slated to appear on the show with Steve Dischiavi, but the research segment they had chosen to film got scrapped.  It happens....

Before this I had never seen an episode of this show, so I did a cram viewing session.  As you can see by my other posts on serendipity I have a leaning toward paranormal belief.  The show is quite thorough at background genealogy and history research whether you are a believer or skeptic.

The one indisputable thing that I found eerie is how each house has proven unusual deaths, usually many over generations. For me, I felt a sense of these souls needing their stories to be told.  This is what happens to me so very often.  It was surprising to find I didn't feel uncomfortable at all with this research on unusual deaths, quite the contrary, my detective radar is still working on more findings.

The Dead Files
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