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Sunday, August 6, 2017


 Serendipity…. finds me…. finds my friends, and leaves no other explanation except “meant to be”.

 I’ll leave out the background details, but my friend grew up with a biological mom and step dad.  The only mention of a biological father was with no name or idea of how to find him.  How can you find this guy…right?  So, DNA came along, yet my friend was hesitant.  Maybe, at the least, he can find his mix of nationalities at best.  Recently, something just said “it’s time” and away went the test to the lab. 

The results were no less than shocking!  My friend grew up very close to a mother who is Native American and a step father with step siblings.  Looking kind of the part of an American native led his life to certain things being taken for granted. Also, his mother’s memory was of a possible Scottish descent for the father because he had red hair.  So imagine his surprise when the test came back as 47% (50% of your DNA comes from each parent) Ashkenazi Jew!  What the…????

If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, there was an aunt connection right off the bat through the same testing site!  She responded immediately and said her brother remembered the very short-lived relationship with his mom and really wanted to talk to him.  Wow!!! Lift jaw off of the floor...

Then…. the serendipity became deep…. the biological father was in a VA hospital where he was diagnosed just weeks earlier with stage 4 esophageal cancer, among other things, with a very bleak outcome.  He had never married and had no other children.  If my friend was ever going to find his father, it HAD to happen now…before it was too late.  The father was so overwhelmed with joy to find out, not only did he have a son, but he had grandchildren!  I’m blown away…..

My friend flew to meet his father and get to know his long-lost Ashkenazi Jewish Heritage. He was able to spend days getting to know his father and extended family that flew in as well.  7 days after my friend left his father's side he passed.  I cannot fathom how he feels right now, very few of us can.  But, this is more proof for me that there is more at work here in this life than any of us can explain.  My journey is to touch this path, discover and tell these stories. 

This came directly after doing a fast-extensive research project for a TV show, soon to be shared in a post.  Stay tuned….

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