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Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm back! What have I been doing???

Finally, after 3 months of back to back shows and a research project that sucked up all my time, I'm back blogging again!  Yeah!

I went on a whirlwind journey researching for the TV show "The Dead Files" for an episode coming out late fall or early 2018.  While I can't say much about it until the program airs, I'll say it was an interesting dig into some not so great deaths, but I ended up digging into some really interesting lineages in Connecticut that may end up having a personal connection.  Crazy, yes, but with me I'm never surprised.  I think these people found me so their story could be told.  Serendipity, again!  That seems to be how I roll these days.

There will be more later once the episode airs, so stay tuned!
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