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Monday, January 23, 2017

Mark Twain

Update!  Do you need three hours of writing time at an inspirational spot?  The Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT is offering off hours writing time.  I would love to do this! 

3 hours of writing time at Mark Twain's house!

Time magazine focuses on an American historical figure every July 4th. The year 2008 Mark Twain received the honors. Being from the south Mr. Twain was very much a part of my history as a youth. This article tells you a bit of history of his views and upbringing. Take a look at:,9171,1820166,00.html

The above picture is from the Time Magazine article.

His genealogy is interesting. Apparently, I am a 5th cousin, 4 times removed through my father’s side of the family.  A stretch, but a connection none the less!

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, received his pen name, Mark Twain, from "mark twain", the leadsman's cry for a measured river depth of two fathoms (12 feet), which was safe water for a steamboat.  He received his steamboat pilot licenses after pursuing this career early on in his life, which gave him his background for future writings.
New York Times obituary:  Mark Twain obituary    

Samuel Langhorne6 Clemens (John Marshall5, Samuel4, Adam3, Benjamin2, William1) born 30 Nov 1835 in Florida, Monroe County, Missouri and died 21 Apr 1910 in Redding, Fairfield County, CT where I go to the big book sale event each year at the Mark Twain Library.

Mark Twain was the son of John Marshall Clemens and Jane Lampton of Virginia families. His genealogy is a bit sparse.  His Lampton line is believed to be a direct decent to the earl of Durham, England through Jane's grandfather William Lampton III (known as "William the Pioneer" serving the militia of the Virginia colony) who was born in Durham, England about 1724 and died 25 Feb 1790 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The following link is to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Mark Twain, edited by J.R. LeMaster and James D. Wilson, 1993, specifically, the pages on his genealogy. Routledge Genealogy of Mark Twain

And to the following Genealogy reference from the early 1900's.  Genealogy: A Journal of American Ancestry 

Both references are free through google books, but beware that they either date back before scrutiny of sources were available or don't reference their source material, such as in the Routledge Encyclopedia. 

Future spare time will be devoted to researching these lineages for documented verification.  For now that is just a dream as my spare time is spent making a living, alas!!

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