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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Genealogist on the Run

I spend all of my free time researching, studying, and reading about genealogy and history.  My life is constantly a balancing act between my two careers, music and genealogy.  For a very long time now genealogy has taken a back seat.  Slowly and surely I'm doing more on that front, but my dilemma of attending lectures and workshops, especially the big ones, suffers greatly.  Why??....look at my performance schedule until July!

Performance Schedule

Not on this schedule is practice time, lessons that I teach, and rehearsal times.  I will miss most, if not all of the upcoming NERGC http://www.nergc.org conference in Springfield, MA.  This is my home turf, and my colleagues will be working booths and giving lectures.   Aarrggh!!

When do I sleep, you ask?  Uhhhhh.....At least I can NEVER say I'm bored!

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