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Monday, March 6, 2017

DNA testing can really help, but don't assume it's an easy journey!

We keep hearing of these wonderful stories of adoptive and family reunions of all kinds, thanks to DNA testing.  The story below is a great example of the wonders of DNA.

Sisters meet after decades apart

With all these great stories there is a lot that is left out.  DNA is VERY complicated.  Finding family matches is hard enough even when you know a lot about your genealogy.  I am constantly overwhelmed by how much I don't know reading DNA reports, but I continue to find "the more I live the more I learn, the more I learn the less I know" to quote the famous Babbs below.

It takes an experienced DNA interpreter to help with these miracle finds.  While my specialty is not in DNA, I am continuing to learn, especially when it's time to call in the big gun, the genealogist that specialize in the genetics field.

I recently did an adoption case where redacted information was made available to the client to reveal the mother's name and enough information from the client's search to lead me to a wonderful family paper trail into a long journey through the pale settlement in Russia and then the exact town in Poland, which is now in Lithuania.  DNA was recommended, but the client, so far, has chosen not to go this route.  I have to say the journey to this major break through for me was so exciting and so very valuable in my education in history, genealogy, Jewish/Russian history.  If the DNA test would have revealed this information first, how would my journey have been different?  What would I have lost?  I think a lot!  But, that's how I roll!

For me, I continue to follow my passion of the hunt.  Finding documents, compiling histories and stories from paper trails and oral history.  It is very nice, though, to have the assistance of DNA to verify or uncover what can't be done otherwise.  Just know what your up against when spitting in that tube!!  If it's general information about your heritage (british, irish, german, native american, african, etc...) you can get generalities (and those even have flaws!).  It's very complicated!

For me...the only unexpected find was that I am, apparently, very high on the Neanderthal variants!  Just ask my wife...she would say, "not surprised!"­čśĆ  More than 83% of all 23 and me customers.  No wonder I like steak so much and walking around the house in my underwear­čść  Ok...TMI

Happy hunting out there!  And don't forget to follow your ancestors leads:

"If you can fly then soar!  With all there is...why settle for just a piece of sky!  Papa watch me....FLY!!!"  Love you, Barbra Streisand!
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